Dos Amigos Sport fishing Charters

Established in 1975 and Captain Thomas Sprague owned it since 1992.

Today felt like the official day of Clearwater’s sport fishing season. It is when we captains celebrate the arrival of the spring fishing season. We are currently sport fishing for Kingfish, Bonitos, and Mackerels. This year, we have already been capturing some Blackfin tunas as well.
Although the sport fishing season for these fish has just begun, I have already caught a 21.5 lb Kingfish and a few of his “friends.” The correct name for this species is King Mackerel. They normally weigh between 5 and 15 lbs., but you can catch one weighing over 50 lbs!

Kingfish are an “okay” fish to grill, but they are an awesome fish to smoke to make fish spread! Sport fishing for these fish can get real crazy sometimes. You would be trolling with nothing going on when suddenly, BAM!!… four fish hooked up at the same time! Nothing like a Chinese fire drill!
While you are trolling for these Kings you might run into some Bonitos. Bonitos real name is a “Little Tunny.” They can weigh up to about 18 lbs. Pound for pound, they are the toughest fish to catch.

Now my favorite fish is the Blackfin tuna. They can weigh up to 43.9 lbs. which is the record in Florida. I know, because I have caught one that weighed 42.5 lbs. It was almost a record but no cigar! We don’t get them often, but when you do, you’ll know it!

The Dos Amigos is one of the finest sport fishing boats in Clearwater Beach area. During this time of year, the chances of catching Sailfish, Wahoo, Cobias, Makos, and Mahi Mahi are all a real possibility. Don’t miss out going sport fishing on the Dos Amigos for a outstanding time. Capt. Tom and first mate James will put you on the fish and make your deep sea sport fishing adventure a great one. Book a charter with us soon!